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Burger King’s Impossible Whopper has 18 million times more estrogen than beef.

The soy menace strikes again, the Impossible Whopper has 18 million times more estrogen than the regular Whopper at an alarming 42 mg of estrogen.

Children as young as six are to be given self-touching lessons: undefined

What would you eat to save the Earth?

Executing babies at birth: New Mexico vs Jesus Christ.

Our world is being torn apart by Satan’s hands. Can you see Satan’s handy work or you blind to what is really happening?

Writing professor: milk is a ‘tool for white dominance and superiority’: undefined

80-year-old grandma thrown in jail for smoking pot in her own home to treat her arthritis: undefined

Pedo hunter catches predator meeting underage girl in front of a cop, cop does nothing: undefined

Sicko cop gets no jail after admitting to possession, distribution of horrific images of child abuse: undefined

Normalizing pedophilia & bestiality: Democrat Senate candidate Jerome Segal’s campaign ad: undefined

Pope tells man sexually abused by Catholic priest: It’s OK to be gay, God made you that way: undefined