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Their guilty faces tell everything! What actually happened back then?

Eyes Wide Shut – A Stanley Kubrick Masterpiece. Watch how Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman know what happened to the legendary film director Stanley Kubrick and why did he die days after it`s release. Find out what are they hiding from the final version and why did they cut (24 minutes) of the picture. The Real Truth is right infront of us.

Frank Parlato on Keith Raniere and NXIVM.

Podesta tied to criminal NXIVM cult through children’s foundation in DC.

Five things you need to know about the NXIVM cult.

NXIVM: leader approves of incest and gang rape; Allison Mack is a satanist: undefined

Allison Mack Smallville star: the untold story.

Child molester Joe Biden and Lady Gaga who swears her allegiance to Lucifer

teams up to “stop sexual assault”.