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Hundreds of birds dead during 5G experiment in The Hague, The Netherlands: undefined

Human 2.0 is almost here: the transhumanism agenda goes mainstream.

World’s largest study on cell tower radiation confirms cancer link: undefined

Singularity – image of the beast.

The interview of the century on 5G and the entire wireless agenda and other agendas exposed.

Blue light of death: blue light at night is killing you and it is all by design.

Blue light is a weapon, has one of the shortest wavelengths, cuts the body’s production of melatonin, which plays a key role in regulating the body clock.This disrupts other hormones, causing prostate and breast cancer and other hormonal cancers.

Antichrist infrastructure: the rise of A.I., the fall of mankind.

One ring to rule them all… Technology my precious.

Their plan is hell on earth.

The brain of the beast.

This video ties AI, the blockchain, Bitcoin and the RFID chip to the Image of the Beast and Mark of the Beast.