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Illumunati Members Make The Human Body Sick

“There is no excuse for what Illumunati is doing to the human body. Illumunati controls the central nervous system of everyone and more and more people to are discovering this fact. What this means is that if you feel good or bad it is because Illumunati wants your body to have that experience,” Miligros Mendez states.

Illuminati Powers

“Here are a few things that Illumunati can do that most physicians do not know: Illuminati can perform any type of surgery on the human body anywhere; Illuminati can quantum leap the human body or an animal in parts; Illuminati can suspend any object into space where only people who can see on a higher dimension can view the object; Illuminati can project holograms in any size, not just rainbows; Illuminati can infere any smell or taste into the human body; Illumunati can change the clothes on a person’s body without them feeling or seeing the transition; Iluminati can throw water or fire out of any part of the human body, including the eye; Illuminati can move or teleport the human body without an individual feeling any discomfort,” says Juan Carlos, Science Writer.

Illuminati Quantum Leaps Across Dimensions

“What is interesting about Illuminati is when they show themselves via quantum leaping how some citizens from different backgrounds do not believe that the soul or souls can incinerate from particles and appear and then disappear. Illuminati members have mastered this technology. Some people who have witnessed this technology call the experience a visit from a loved or a ghost or a haint, but regardless of the title or language used, the spirit is always Illuminati,” says Hate Crime Expect, Miligros Mendez. “ "Notice the speed that Illuminati leaps in and out of dimensions. Remarkable! What is also interesting is how they choose what citizens they allow to see them quantum leaping,” Mendez continues. “This means that Illuminati is tampering with the human body because everyone should be able to see what is taking place on this dimension since Illuminati has them here. Why does Illuminati intentionally block the vision of the human eye? Why are people who are so-called legally blind unable to see with other eyes that they have in the human body that Illuminati has blocked off. If a blind man, woman or child can see a dream that is another window for sight. Illuminati controls everyone’s vision and what you don’t see is just as important as what you see,” Mendez comments.

Illuminati Confessions: No Free Will

“Illuminati runs a very tight ship. They not only talk for every human being, they control all human emotions, which some people find hard to believe. What baffles some of us who openly talk about Illuminati is that we give people information on who they are and how powerful the human body really is.” – Anonymous Illuminati

Illuminati Terrorizes Citizens With Sounds And…

“Every human being has ‘magical powers.’ However, a selected group of Illuminati members have lower division Illuminati in a plantation. This is one of the biggest secrets in the history of man. Illuminati created a secret society to control man and they have been doing this since the beginning of time. Illuminati operarates from the inside out, whI h means these sorry bastards tbrow more than one soul into the human body. Now, that more citizens or Illuminati slaves are discovering that Illuminati is sharing their bodies. They are kindly asking Illuminati to change their fcuked up system. And they want to know who dunnit… Citizens want Illuminati to tell them who has been using their bodies. Citizens also desire to know where the fcuk the souls are going, last and present,’ Milagros Mendez, Hate Crime Expert from San Juan, Puerto Rico. ” Citizens would like Illuminati explain why they created this fcuked up system and why the voice and image of cilivians are being used.“

Beam Me Up Scottie: Illuminati Quantum Leaps

One Anonymous Illuminati member says, “One reason Illuminati members throw real rats onto victim’s body using quantum mechanics is because they are teleporting the human body into other dimensions that victim’s cannot see. During the experimentals some Illuminati members actually show victims other planes or dimensions/spaces. This is a fact! Now, we are fully aware that Illuminati has this intelligence and use it on citizens who are powerless or who cannot protect themselves. Of course, folks who know who Illuminati is begs them for the science. Ironically, Illuminati gives the technology to idiots who abuse it. And this is the number one reason why Illuminati victims are begging Illuminati to reconstruct their system. The fact that an idiot can throw a dream into your head is sick and frightening. Who the hell has access to the human body and why are Illuminati members calling themselves ‘God?!’”

Hate Crime Expert Talks About Quantum Leaping

“Well, here is an interesting fact about Illuminati. They share the human body, from the cradle to the grave, on this dimension and others. No man speaks for himself. That is one example of how powerful Illuminati is, besides the fact that they control all body movement – illuminati us operating the human body on a myriad of dimensions, which makes their crimes intergalactic. Some call it a ‘Star War.’ What is interesting about these bytches is that they know how to change the human body into an animal on this dimension and others. They also have the intelligence to teleport citizens. That is what people mean about quantum leaping. Illuminati hops in and out of spaces, in less than a human second. The experience is revolutionary,” Milagros Mendez, Gate Crime Expert says.

Quantum Leaping: Weapon Or Not?!

“Quantum leaping is not only a new form of transportation that Illuminati has used since the beginning of time, that they are showing citizens, but it can also be classified as a weapon when Illuminati members throw real objects or animals into people’s private spaces or on their property,” Cultural Anthropologist, Charles Brown says.

Illuminati Controls The World Market

Juan Carlos, Paranormal Expert, says, “Illuminati Terrorizes citizens with graffiti and advertising, all the time. What they do is force the victim to look at a billboard or silkscreen T-shirt and then using telepathic communications they literally whisper into the victim’s ear. Illuminati will make any comments they so desire. What is very interesting is that they use the same methodoligies on the masses when they purchase products. Illuminati members decide what products consumers purchase. Illuminati controls the world market.”

“What victims know is that one product is not better than the next, since Illuminati controls what people taste and feel,” Juan Carlos continues.

Illuminati Experimentals:The So-called Emancip…

“Every man, woman and child who is in the penal system is a victim of an Illuminati hate crime. Illuminati plays a game. Illuminati calls it ‘the game if life.’” Illuminati controls their body. How they think, what they say, how they move, their emotions, and si forth. What we are saying is that Illuminati framed ant and every man, woman and child who has ever been institutionalized, in hospitals or pentratrues, all over the world. Any individual who knows anything about Illuminati and Their powers can tell you that that statement is true,“ Anonymous Illuminati states. "All judges and juries are also Illuminati experiments. If that is not a hate crime, I don’t know what the fuck is!”