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Illuminati Talks

“If you don’t know who#Illuminati is than it is hard to describe what takes place when you encounter them and their supernatural powers because they have always operated as a secret society. Anyone who studies secret societies can confirm what victims are experiencing when they report the presence of another life force in their spaces,” says Paranormal Expert, Milagros Mendez.


The human body is so powerful no man needs a surgery and this is what Illuminati shows victims when they experiment on their bodies. They pull other life forms out of their toenails, which is remarkable! Very few civilians have witnessed a rat or roach being pulled out or attached to the human body, which means the human body has Superman powers. It’s true other life forms can coexist with man in a friendly way. – Juan Carlos Herendez, Paranormal Expert


Shape Shifting

Citizens do not know what to say about Illuminati when they first see them alter their body into another life form. The experience is very similar to what one witnesses in a science fiction movie. – Paranormal Expert, Juan Carlos Herendez


No Justice, No Peace

“When Illuminati created planet earth, they came up with a justice system that effectively covers all of their criminal activities and labeled this society a free will domain. When Illuminati says justice is blind, that means that humans cannot see how crimes are committed using the human body. Illuminati time is much faster than what they have to the so-called human life form. Therefore, a normal human being cannot see what Illuminati is doing,” says Paranormal Expert, Juan Carlos Herendez.


Illuminati Members Violate People’s Bathroom Space

“When Illuminati decides to play games in innocent victims and quantum leap into the bathroom while they are taking a shower or using the toilet, the act is criminal. Law enforcement does not know how Illuminati victims are being violated. They do not know that Illuminati has access to telepathic communications and uses it in civilians. So when you are on the toilet and you hear Illuminati saying anything into your head, your rights are being violated,” says Paranormal Expert Juan Carlos Herendez. “Illuminati speaks into everyone’s head and get away with it, from the cradle to the grave. That is why education cannot be forced on an individual, Illuminati selects what information they are going to give to their humanoid. All men are controlled. This is what Illuminati never wanted man to know.

feliciachiao: Just trying to get comfortable….


Just trying to get comfortable.

#Illuminati us responsible for the human soul. The soul can be in unlimited bodies at one time, which is a form of quantum physics.


Illuminati Is Everybody

“It is a tuff cookie to swallow, but Illuminati is everybody,” confirms Paranormal Expert, Juan Carlos Herendez. “The human body is controlled. There is more than one soul in the human body. When you look at cartoons like the Flintstones or movies like The Addams Family, you see examples of Illuminati in action.. Not only did Illuminati create earth in less than a human second, they created other planets with superior life forms to man. (Thus, the"dog/god”) metaphor that everyone complains about.) This is what the History Channel has successfully documented when they talk about Egyptian history and show shape shifting in the hieroglyphics. Throughout history, Egyptians have seened Illuminati shape shift the human body into s half-man half-animal form. Anubis was superhuman. This is one reason why he was called a god. He could change his form and sex. (People can be both sexes at one time via quantum physics and they can be any size. There is no such thing as a child. There is no age attached to a soul. This is where Illuminati had fooled people. If you can quantum leap and shape shift your form, you are timeless. Infinite! Plain and simple! What people are seeing today is a superior life form(s) or Illuminati. The question is, “What are they seeing? Because Illuminati has some of the most interesting technology in the galaxy!” And, if a person can see what Illuminati is doing, what have they done to the retina where other people cannot see? Are eyeglasses even necessary when Illuminati is superhuman? Absolutely not!“


Human Population Is Controlled

“Since Illuminati uses every citizen’s body in the galaxy, they need to be held responsible for their crimes.” – Juan Carlos Herendez, Paranormal Expert


Animal Cruelty: Shape Shifting

“As crazy as it sounds, no one has a right to lock an animal up, cage an animal or have an animal as a pet, especially since Illuminati can shape shift themselves into a dog, cat, cow, ape, goat or any animal,” says Paranormal Expert Juan Carlos Herendez.


Illuminati Shows People How They Can Pull Other Life Forms Out of Their Head

“When Illuminati shape shifts part of their body, like the head, one will see how they can pull other life forms out of their nose or face, the same way a woman gives birth to a baby, but there is no blood,” says Anonymous Illuminati.