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LA Times op-ed shows America’s future in 2056 once the agenda 21/2030 megaregions plan is complete.

End of the crypto-German empire and old world orders.

Hollywood: secret societies and the serpent.

This video delves into the esoteric meaning and symbolism behind Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Harvey Weinstein is already cured – it’s a miracle!

An Open Secret.

Watch bombshell documentary about Hollywood pedophile ring preying on child actors.

Dozens of women have accused Hollywood bigwig Harvey Weinstein of sexually harassing, assaulting, and raping them. But Weinstein is hardly the first Hollywood elite to commit such atrocities.

The entertainment industry has long been filled with sexual abusers.

The documentary An Open Secret explores the lives of child actors who were sexually abused by Hollywood elites.

Leftists incapable of seeing evil where it really exists.

One of the key failings of the political Left is their inability to see evil where it actually exists. They live in absolute denial of the evil commitment by their own political leaders, such as Bill Clinton sexually assaulting numerous women, or Hillary Clinton promoting Monsanto.

Former Talking Heads frontman says consumer tech is working against what it means to be human

This is straight out of Orwell’s 1984…

Watch this and know something is coming.

Bonzai – I Did (Official Video):

“I did /What you did /Succeeded /By any means” 
She did whatever she was asked to do for fame and fortune. Prior to this music video she was pretty much an underground singer that got recognition but wasn’t in title or anything.

She is pictured in space for half the video….Saturn and the Black Cube.

All Seeing Eye is watching. Most of the eyes on the 2 eyed creatures don’t move but when there is just one eye it is following Bonzai’s cartoon character. Plus a single eye is pictured many times or just flashes by.

Some of the plants [fruits] look inappropriate to me. Like private parts or organs.

Black Goo comes out of log and they could be spirits forcing her do to what she needs to do to succeed.

I feel like the white worm also symbolizes her. Like she was sweet and kind before but if you keep watching the worm keeps biting the “fruits” and it’s eyes go crazy everytime…cannibalism?

Yin Yang shows up quite a few times in the video…black and white. moon and sun. woman and man. positive and negative. “represents as above, so below”. After leaving Asia, the symbol was adopted into Western society and represented magic and astrology. Free masons. The black and white duality.

The moon is represented by singing what she did. The moon is a satanic symbol.

“I step up to the  altar, you want to take a bow” said many times during the video, Satan will try to deceive you and cause you to bow down at the altar of self—where you are more concerned about your own selfish desires and consumed with your pursuit of fulfilling them.  Satan will try to get you to worship for wealth and prosperity.

Now Bonzai’s actual character is being cornered by black goo and she pictks up fruit and bites it and she is no longer being followed by them at least not in scary way. 

After she ate that ‘fruit’ she says: “I don’t care to think about it /Care to think about it / I don’t care to think about it /I know I’m not wrong /I don’t need to think about it /Need to care about it /I don’t need to hear about it /I know what I done.”  She realizes what she has just done but since it is really bad she is trying to make it seem like she didn’t do something bad so she is saying she knows what she has done but she doesn’t want to think about it or care about it and she doesn’t want to hear about what she has done so drop it. But I will not drop it she did something wrong for the gain of herself. A Truly Selfish Act. She should be punished but she is rewarded with fame and fortune.

Let me know what you got out of this music video because this is just my interpretation of it. You can believe what you want but do your own research please.