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While media promotes “fake Trump supporter” as bomber – left-winger in Wisconsin attempts purchase of radioactive material with intent to kill: undefined

Conspiracy theory? Politicians & corporations admit to paying actors to show fake support: undefined

Marine veteran rebukes David Hogg: “grow up & deal with criticism like an adult or shut up!”: undefined

Ole Dammegard – do you know how to identify a false flag event?

Light on conspiracies – don’t fall for the hoaxes andfFalse flags with Ole Dammegard.

Germany to fine €50 million for “fake news” – Zionists pushing for censorship.

Alien deception: this is exactly how they will do it.

How can anyone ignore this…

New Trailer for ‘The Boss Baby’ Reveals A Lot:

Why is America so obsessed with butts? It is disgusting! 
Please do not let your kids watch this movie is is just programming their little minds and probably yours too.