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“I was firmly entrenched in my liberal mindset”

More data that good people with guns save lives: undefined

Pregnant mom kills home invader, going to prison for the gun she used: undefined

South Africa calls for 300,000 gun owners to turn over their weapons: undefined

Hero teenager guns down mom’s abusive boyfriend as he attempted to strangle her to death: undefined

Where’s the #GunControlNow crowd? Four killed, 25 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings: undefined

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is what you created, Bernie. You did this. By being a moron.

Chiraq? It has been 1221 days since Chicago had a shooting/homicide-free day: undefined

World domination: UN continues fight to disarm all Americans: undefined

Beware of CA gun laws: Bakersfield man arrested after registering his AR-15: undefined