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The saga of Joe and Hunter.

Eggsperimenting and stuff.

Ex-Scotland Yard detective Jon Wedger blows whistle on paedophiles.

Former Scotland Yard detective talks to ex BBC and ITV reporter Anna Brees about a child prostitution cover up in central London and how he was bullied when he tried to expose it.

A shocking message to Keith Raniere from John Tighe: undefined

Rothschild “direct” testimony states qualifications, experience, and occupation, and
smart meter – opt out – acknowledgement.

The octopus of global control, NASA lies, and the depopulation agenda.

They actually admitted there is no money in curing people.

They actually admitted there is no money in curing people.

Look out for techno populism – Trump signs AI EO.

As Trump signs the Executive Order for AI in America, it’s important to warn everyone about what is emerging here. The technopopulist movement is something we haven’t heard much about. But it’s clear that it is the direction this country, along with the entire world, is headed. Patrick Wood who is featured in AGE OF DECEIT 3, warns America to look out for technopopulism, despite his approval of the Trump presidency.

They showed us their true colours.