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Their guilty faces tell everything! What actually happened back then?

Eyes Wide Shut – A Stanley Kubrick Masterpiece. Watch how Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman know what happened to the legendary film director Stanley Kubrick and why did he die days after it`s release. Find out what are they hiding from the final version and why did they cut (24 minutes) of the picture. The Real Truth is right infront of us.

The main two Satanic holidays, are Walpurgisnacht and Halloween. I’m glad that Christian parents let their children worship the devil at least one night out of the year.

-any witchcraft/Satanism etc which goes on with witches and Satanists all around the world.

Halloween is a celebration of death. The date 31 is 13 mirrored which is the Illuminati’s number. The goblins, “ghosts”, pumpkins carved, and dressing up is all a celebration of the demons working in this world. Satan loves to steal identities of people and put generations of curses on those who practice Halloween for “fun”. Demons work in darkness, hence why Halloween is celebrated at night. Satan deceives the whole entire world. 

Pray for those who are lost, and pray against the forces of evil in this world.


Halloween Exposed By Former Satanist:

DO NOT celebrate Halloween at all. Instead pray against it all night.


they looked so much better BEFORE Hollywood.

I wonder what a world we will have once the oppressive cabal ruling over Earth is finally defeated forever?

I know it will be so beautiful.

art by Moebius

Yes. That’s a painting of two men cannibalizing a third man who is laid out on a table. the two men hold plates as they use knives to cut out the third man’s heart. This painting hangs in John Podesta’s office.

When asked about his painting…he merely responded, it’s better to be the one holding the plate than the one on the table.

What kind of demented psycho hangs this “art” in his place of work or anywhere he resides for that matter?

This is a mere glimpse into the mind of John Podesta. He is not like you or I. He is not a good man.