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The New York Times just hired a hardcore racist.


(video of General John Kelly, who lost his own son in Afghanistan.)

Watch that stupid buffoon Rep. Frederica Wilson get SLAMMED by General John Kelly – who lost his own son in Afghanistan and never received a call from Obama.

Rep. Wilson is a classless pig. Who can’t even be trusted to dress herself properly. WTF is she wearing?


(photo of the scumbag and buffoon Rep. Frederica Wilson of Miami)

Not only is Sheriff Clark the fucking man, but HE knows how to wear a cowboy hat the right way. Love this guy!

(photo of Sheriff Clark)

I didn’t even vote in this last election and was very opposed to both
candidates as an independent….but some things are just WRONG.

Back to the issue at hand – who could possibly do what she did? She politicized the death of a brave soldier for her own personal gain. She doesn’t give two shits about this poor heart broken widow or this fine American soldier.

Rep. Frederica Wilson of Miami just wanted TO GET HERSELF PUBLICITY and INTENTIONALLY POLITICIZE A HEART WRENCHING SITUATION in order to make a CHEAP SHOT at a president just because she doesn’t agree with him politically.


(photos of the four AMERICAN HEROES who lost their lives protecting their country, your country, my country, while stationed in Niger.)

I try not to get political on here – this will be one of the only times you see me say something concerning politics, but I just couldn’t stay silent on this one.

My apologies to both Democrats and Republicans who follow me, I will try to stay away from politics on this site from now on.

It’s divisive and I want us all to come together – we need liberals in this country as well as conservatives to balance us out. Both are integral to the progress of our nation. I have many friends on both sides of the aisle. I love them all.

                           “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Love and Light to all of you