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China ‘social credit’: Beijing sets up huge system – BBC News:

Proof that Black Mirror isn’t just a show.

Black Mirror. Season 3. Episode 1. [It’s on Netflix]

Check it out. Social Rating system is a reality in China and will soon go to Russia and United States.

This could make or break you as a person and frankly it is very unfair.

This will make people meaner and focus more on appearance than actual personality. How can you make a decision about someone after meeting them for 10 minutes? Yes it is possible. But I find that really getting to know someone changes more than 70% of my initial thoughts about someone.

Please don’t let this become a reality where you live. Fight against this!

Trust me, you don’t want this to run…or ruin your life.


“Black Mirror” Shut Up and Dance (2016) Reviews & Ratings – IMDb:

This goes with the previous post on Mark Zuckerberg covering up his camera and microphone. This could happen to you.

Yes this is a television show, but the stuff from this show is already appearing. I mean this has probably been going on forever. REALEYESTHETRUTH people!

You aren’t safe because you think you are. We are all NOT SAFE.