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UK: brave new Fahrenheit 1984.

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The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana   Vyasa

(Btw, I was raised Catholic and many of my bffs are Jewish) – this has nothing to do with the rank-and-file Jews and the rank-and-file Catholics it’s the upper echelon and the mossad and the CIA

in fact the majority of the people fighting to blow the lid off of this horrific conspiracy are Catholics and Jews themselves along with red blooded American’s and Saudi Arabians Muslims people of all religions we are tired of being pitted against one another and told to fight one another we are all brothers and sisters under GOD.

Our true enemy are the Luciferians, the satanic elite. Let’s show those motherf*#%ers just how scary we can be.

It seems to me the LUCIFERIAN ELITE has forgotten about the Crusades, Jihadis, religious warfare.

The Satanic elite have never known fear. They have never once stood in the path of a righteous horde of united Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. Religious warriors all united by their faith in morality, a love of God and a seething, boiling, gnashing hatred of Satan and all those who have sworn their allegiance to him…….coming their wayWe humans never give up. The sleazy, pathetic, slimey Satanic minority, may have successfully pitted brother against brother in the ancient past.

Wait until the Muslims, the Jews, the Christians, the Hindus, the Buddhists and all other God-loving peoples, in an effort to save humanity, stand and unite. No mercy will be given.