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A deep-dive into pedogate.

Have you ever heard of the Prometheus Project?

What happens when you don’t stay in the prescribed swim lane.

Transhumanism: from MK-Ultra to Google: undefined

Where does it end? New ‘Monarch’ brain device approved for ADHD.

Featuring Dr. Peter Breggin [The Minds of Men], for more on SPAC, visit

Finally admitted! “New” tech can beam voices directly into your head.


Memorial for a murdered child – after school “pizza” movie exposed.

The church’s dark secret: the hidden truth behind child abuse.

A Pennsylvania grand jury revealed that a succession of hundreds of Catholic priests abused thousands of children, the abuse went on for decades. Now, thousands of Catholic’s are now calling on the Pope to resign after church officials reveal he knew about predator priests and did nothing to stop them. Discover what the mainstream media wont tell you about this crisis! Find how how high this problem goes and the real reasons behind Catholic Church abuse which includes elements of mind control and satanism.

Theresa May and Amber Rudd suppress Westminster child abuse documents for national security reasons: undefined