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Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Yes. That’s a painting of two men cannibalizing a third man who is laid out on a table. the two men hold plates as they use knives to cut out the third man’s heart. This painting hangs in John Podesta’s office.

When asked about his painting…he merely responded, it’s better to be the one holding the plate than the one on the table.

What kind of demented psycho hangs this “art” in his place of work or anywhere he resides for that matter?

This is a mere glimpse into the mind of John Podesta. He is not like you or I. He is not a good man.

“As a former intelligence professional, as a clandestine case officer, it was my job to put people in positions so that they had to do what I wanted them to do, and one of the ways you do that is you get someone drunk and put them in with a legally-aged female, and they have rabid sex with this legal-aged female and them somewhere in the middle of the night, you drug them in one of their drinks, and you switch out the legal-age female for a 12 year old…and you videotape them having rabid sex with a 12 year old. This is what Jeffrey Epstein does for a living. Okay? I mean he’s compromised anybody who has ever been on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane, at Lolita island, or in his no-name hotels…I absolutely guarantee you there is a videotape out there that they don’t want you to see…”

Robert David Steele (Former CIA agent)

Professionals estimate up to 30% of both Republicans and Democrats in Congress are caught up in a CIA/Mossad pedophile blackmail scandal.

However, this is NOT confined to the United States. It is happening in governments ALL OVER THE WORLD!




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