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Lawful Good: Nick Wilde

Neutral Good: Mozilla Firefox

Chaotic Good: Disney’s Robin Hood

Lawful Neutral: Fox Mulder

True Neutral: A fox

Chaotic Neutral: Starfox

Lawful Evil: “What does the fox say" 

Neutral Evil: Swiper

Chaotic Evil: Fox News

eos Shave Presents: Sam’s Legs:

This commercial came up on YouTube for me. You can believe what you want but I believe it is really just someone coming out and saying they are a reptillian person. Eating snacks with friends….Snacking on friends…spirit cooking…?…cannibalism


I’d rather not explode.

What are you eating? 
You eat to live but what you are eating is killing you and I’m not just talking about this photo. I am talking about all the gmos and artificial flavors/colors and even “natural” flavors. 

“Natural Flavors” just means not manmade. So this could be beetle blood, dirt, feces, etc. It is not always those things, but you have no idea right?

Do you really want to put that into your body?