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Let every man be free and pure in the eyes of god no matter his sexual identity (except for pedophiles), free to pursue his passions, free to own his land tax free, free to keep the money he earned, free to speak his mind, free to own guns to defend himself and organize a militia should the state even begin to try to impose tyranny over us, free to live free, unmolested by, uninfringed upon, un harassed by, un threatened by state and federal officials who crave power and the exertion of said power over others many times for little to no reason – because for them power and dominating others using the reckless amount of unchecked power granted to them by the state is like a drug to them. Americans, we are living in dangerous times. Know your rights, stock up on fluoride-free water, fluoride-free toothpaste, food, gasoline, gold/silver,guns and ammo. I hope we won’t need to use it but have enough to get you through 10+ days. I love you all.

Love and Light