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Epstein connections – how deep does this go?

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

“Well, here is the situation that creates controversy, Illuminati has more than one soul packed in the human body. No man walks, talks nor think for himself. Furthermore, the wat telepathic communications works means that Illuminati has to have access to the human body. Illuminati controls every human body and this is what they gave stated in their documentary. It is complicated to understand who Illuminati is and this is what we are attempting to explain. Illuminati never wanted men to know how much power the human body possessed. They never wanted man to know that we used their body in inappropriate ways. Now, that we are informing them some citizens find it difficult to believe because they are miseducated on quantum physics. The basic principles of telepathic communications is based in quantum mechanics. We have it. We use it and we really give telepathic communications away as gifts. Never doubted that! We also have access to other dimensions,” states Anonymous Illuminati.

‘I think Skripal attempted murder staged by US, UK intel’ – political scientist: undefined

Jimmy Kimmel: talk show hosts are liberal – because it requires intelligence.