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The richest family in America you have never heard of.

Isaac Kappy was definitely killed and pizzagate is real.

Antichrist spirit – apocalypse – American Horror story 8 explained.

“Originally, I stopped at season 1 of American Horror Story, but the show took a decidedly Antichrist and occult bent more recently, illustrating the summation of all the seasons into a single hidden narrative about the birth and coming of the Antichrist. Since this relates to films and shows we’ve done before, as well as to chapters in my books, I have decided to cover the first episode of the new season.”

Another death of a holistic doctor who claimed a cure for AIDS: undefined

The truth about hemp and why big business doesn’t want you to know it: undefined

World’s largest study on cell tower radiation confirms cancer link: undefined

Lost Hillary snuff clip, pedovore, SGT report British monarchy paedophiles.

The paedophile agenda.

Prominent holistic doctor’s body found floating in Bay Area: undefined

WTF is wrong with society? Disney fires a paedophile then the public demands him back.