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If anyone receives the mark in their hand or forehead.

Social credit comes to US shores: consumers denied services based on shadowy “security ratings”: undefined

Physical driver’s licences could be scrapped: undefined

Look out for techno populism – Trump signs AI EO.

As Trump signs the Executive Order for AI in America, it’s important to warn everyone about what is emerging here. The technopopulist movement is something we haven’t heard much about. But it’s clear that it is the direction this country, along with the entire world, is headed. Patrick Wood who is featured in AGE OF DECEIT 3, warns America to look out for technopopulism, despite his approval of the Trump presidency.

Big pharma just bought access to your DNA from genealogy company 23andMe: undefined

A new Venezuelan ID, created with China’s ZTE, tracks citizen behavior: undefined

A.I. takes over hospital jobs in London, implantable smart devices in soldiers, and growing organs: undefined

The interview of the century on 5G and the entire wireless agenda and other agendas exposed.

Why does Google want your DNA?

India’s big brother: fingerprint and eye scans required for food and medicine: undefined