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Creation of the Birth Certificate Trust.

Sharia 1984 in UK: gag orders issued on press reporting on arrest of Tommy Robinson: undefined

Argentina going Venezuela hyperinflation.

Six signs of MK-Ultra celebrities.

MK-ultra/Monarch mind-control is everywhere. From bizarre meltdowns to alter personalities and shady handlers this documentary breaks down the six signs of MK-ultra/Monarch mind-control. MK Ultra was a top secret govt. mind control program that supposedly ended in the 70s but many insiders insist continues today and many celebrities are said to be victims. This documentary breaks down the signs of mind control in the entertainment industry.

End of the crypto-German empire and old world orders.

There are two Londons and why it matters.

Former Talking Heads frontman says consumer tech is working against what it means to be human

Explaining ACChain, Lynette Zang, crypto currency and the mark of the beast.

In the last few weeks major events have unfolded around crypto currencies that clearly show that we are on our way to a New World Order One World Currency…and it’s digital. Some are saying that this is the Mark of the Beast System.

Signs include plans of the IMF to use a vehicle called the SDR that will be pegged to a digital currency using the ACChain quantum computing platform.  If you don’t understand what any of this means, that’s okay! This show is meant for beginners to the world of crypto currency. Tivon and Naima do a full breakdown explaining definitions and terms from top to bottom in a way we hope an average person can understand. 

Lies that Bitcoin advocates tell themselves.

This is straight out of Orwell’s 1984…