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Mysterious figure caught in Russian cosmonaut’s helmet in “outer space”.

There are a number of strange anomalies regarding different space agencies. One of the less known examples is a reflection of what looks like a scuba diver in a Russian cosmonauts helmet. There are also anomalies in regards to official pictures recorded by NASA of the moon passing Earth. But perhaps one of the most strangest examples is from the European Space Agency where in a live stream the planet earth disappears.

Secret history of the Order of the Illuminati.

Homeschooling expands as parents seethe over liberal social engineering and violence: undefined


Christina Hoff Sommers: The War On Boys.

Elite running out of ways to scare us are and now resorting to this?

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

It is all a show. NFL players union partners with George Soros.

Gordon Bowden on bombs, ‘boiler rooms’ and pedophiles.

Retired ex-RAF officer and mining engineer Gordon Bowden is already well-known on the internet for exposing the scams going on in high-level public and commercial life. Here he begins to bring organised paedophilia into the frame..