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What happens when you don’t stay in the prescribed swim lane.

Disney director James Gunn exposed: disturbing history of child rape ‘jokes’: undefined

Disney, Legoland employees busted with horrifying child porn of toddlers and infants: undefined



The Beauty Who Created the Beast

Millicent Patrick was an actress, makeup artist, special effects designer and animator. Patrick was credited as the first female animator at Walt Disney Studios, and creator of the iconic Gill-man costume for the movie Creature from the Black Lagoon, and also spent time as an actress and makeup designer. (Source)

what a bad ass bitch

Disney executive arrested, charged with three counts of child sex abuse: undefined

Elena of Avalor

Pedophile symbols on the animals

How is it not obvious to people that this is wrong and honestly disgusting?

Why do parents allow this? Why aren’t parents educated about this?

Why is this okay? 

Spread this. Who will let their kids watch this now?

Looks up:

Law and Order SVU Season 12 Episode 12

Symbols contained in episode are real symbols that represent “boy lovers”, “girl lovers”, and “child lovers”.  This is really sick to think about but it is happening today. It is not just the people that we think, it is also people in government, celebrities you look up to, and possibly be someone close to you. Secrets are all around us. It is your job to realeyesthetruth.

Criminal Minds “Masterpiece” Fibonacci Sequence Scene:

Rothschild in Criminal Minds. 
They get away with whatever they want because they run the world because they are rich. I wish that we could live in peace and harmony and not have to put up with all the people in power. But since that is never going to happen in my lifetime, it is up to me to jumpstart it for my children’s children and so on and so forth. 

New Trailer for ‘The Boss Baby’ Reveals A Lot:

Why is America so obsessed with butts? It is disgusting! 
Please do not let your kids watch this movie is is just programming their little minds and probably yours too.