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A deep-dive into pedogate.

Children as young as six are to be given self-touching lessons: undefined

The world is a stage of created chaos and confusion.


The witch cult is among us.

Normalisation of paedophilia goes mainstream, child molesters rebranded as ‘minor attracted persons’: undefined

Their guilty faces tell everything! What actually happened back then?

Eyes Wide Shut – A Stanley Kubrick Masterpiece. Watch how Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman know what happened to the legendary film director Stanley Kubrick and why did he die days after it`s release. Find out what are they hiding from the final version and why did they cut (24 minutes) of the picture. The Real Truth is right infront of us.

The LGBT gulags of tolerance.

Former Marxist speaks out on the death of free speech.

Broadcaster Claire Fox, director of the Academy of Ideas, is one of James’s doughtiest comrades in the Culture Wars. Oddly, she’s also a self-confessed leftist – formerly of the Marxist Revolutionary Party. But on free speech they are in total agreement.

Lost Hillary snuff clip, pedovore, SGT report British monarchy paedophiles.