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The end of food as we have known it since time begun…kind of a big deal.

Gene altering technology (CRSPR) and nanotechnology have altered our food forever. We are becoming Transhumanist whether we like it our not. Please educate yourselves and share, and grow your own.

CRISPR human GMO gene altering; a new invasive species.

CRSPR technology is being introduced as the panacea for nearly all illness’ and disease by mutating and altering our genes with synthetic, made in the lab, GMO DNA and RNA. The war on cancer has been a complete failure by any yardstick one uses. The US ranks 38th in overall health’care’ yet #1 in costs where mass drug addiction has taken over as big pharma rakes in big bucks and now they can help with blindness, AIDS, cancer, etc…using CRISPR technologies with zero FDA or NIH oversite? What could go wrong and what is the real agenda here? A totally controlled synthetic man.