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Simulating the Pope/Jesus or the Antichrist?

A new PC Role Playing Game lets you play the Pope! But there’s another game from the same company where you play Jesus Christ! But the sacred heart symbolism, along with the depictions in ‘I Pet Goat II’, may suggest this whole thing is just preparing the role of the man of sin.

The great darkness – the children of MK Ultra.

What is the difference between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism?

The chains you choose – E. Michael Jones on porn, addiction and slavery.

Interview With Dr. Jones Begins at 9:50 On this episode of The Patriarchy Podcast, we discuss the meaning of life according to atheism, interview special guest Dr. E. Michael Jones from Culture Wars Magazine, and talk about the slavery and devastation of sexual sin and porn.

The witch cult is among us.

Pope tells man sexually abused by Catholic priest: It’s OK to be gay, God made you that way: undefined

Pope Francis has a shocking plan for 2018.

Ex Jesuit’s book reveals true agenda.

Lucifer’s temple – inside the Vatican.

Jimmy Savile and the 9th circle.

By these people western countries are led into damnation.