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The Zapruder Film mystery.

While serving as chief analyst of military records at the Assassination Records Review Board in 1997, Douglas Horne discovered that the Zapruder Film was examined by the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center two days after the assassination of President Kennedy. In this film, Horne interviews legendary NPIC photo interpreter Dino Brugioni, who speaks for the first time about another NPIC examination of the film the day after the assassination. Brugioni didn’t know about the second examination and believes the Zapruder Film in the archives today is not the film he saw the day after the assassination. Drawing on Volume 4 of his book “Inside the ARRB”, Doug Horne introduces the subject and presents his conclusions.



“One of the CIA’s most unusual plans for an identity transfer required a big dog. In the 1970s, a plan was conceived to post an officer abroad with an adult male Saint Bernard weighing more than 180 pounds. When identity transfer was needed, the dog would be swapped for an agent concealed in a full Saint Bernard skin and inside a portable kennel.A tape recorder and small speakers hidden in the kennel provided sound effects to enhance the effectiveness of the illusion. The agent-dog would be taken to a safe location for “examination by a veterinarian.” Once inside the safe house, the agent could be safely debriefed, and when the “examination” was completed, he could redon the dog skin, get into the kennel, and be returned “home.”91


Top South Korean Crypto Regulator Found Dead “From Unknown Cause”:



President Reagan’s shooter, John Hinckley Jr’s long time boyhood
neighbor friend’s father was CIA. I believe I read somewhere that
Hinckley was sent to one of those University hospitals – which later
turned out to be affiliated with MK Ultra. In my opinion, Hinckley was
CLEARLY selected and groomed over time to become a CIA mind control
asset – most likely just because he was close to (neighbors) with a CIA
man who was working on project MK Ultra. So Hinckley was most likely
selected simply because he was conveniently close by. This is how they
work. They probably did something to Hinckley to isolate him from his
family and convinced his family that he needed psychiatric treatment
(was exhibiting early signs of schizophrenia, etc. or some line of BS
giving them unfettered access to mess with him away from prying eyes)
and then CIA docs likely tinkered with his mind until it eventually
broke thus validating their earlier fake diagnosis making them seem
legitimate. All you probably really need to be able to turn a normal boy
into a mental case aka MK Ultra assassin is one summer if you know what
you’re doing. How many parents have sent their kids to summer camp at
least once? How many parents send their kids to summer camp throughout
high school, etc?