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The evil AI merge plan revealed by Elon and Company.

If predictive programming has taught us one thing, it’s that if you’ve seen it on TV many times, you will probably see it happen in real life eventually. This is another one of those times. It’s hard to watch these sad deceived people follow the orders of their puppeteers, so join us as we pray for those like Elon that have been deceived their entire lives.

It’s official: we’re living in the prequel to ‘Blade Runner’.

We uncovered an evil agenda to deceive millions of believers.

Thanks to the support of the people, Carl Teichrib and his team, along with my co host, Basil from Canary Cry Radio, were able to visit Burning Man 2018 in the spirit of Acts 17, and the Two Spies in the book of Numbers. What they discovered is a plan by a fairly popular entrepreneur to use their tech product to bring her ayahuasca enlightenment philosophy to millions of unsuspecting Christians through an extremely well known Christian ministry. While we won’t share the name of the ministry, it’s important to understand that this agenda is happening at various levels.

A chilling look at China’s new mark of the beast digital dictatorship is a glimpse of whats coming to America: undefined

Will you worship the AI god?

“If you don’t adopt artificial Intelligence you will be left behind!”

The agenda of total and complete control.

A.I. takes over hospital jobs in London, implantable smart devices in soldiers, and growing organs: undefined

What Facebook knows but is not telling you.

Daniel 7 perfectly describes what’s coming.

We live in a time when the headlines coming out of the advancement of science and tech resembles nothing less than the crazy but colorful descriptions of end times events prophesied in the Bible. What many had dismissed as either gibberish, or at most, allegorical and metaphorical language, are now potential realities due to the unlocking of the human imagination with the computer and internet. These tools are pushing us ever so rapidly into creating, building, and what some tech leaders call “summoning,” a race of super-intelligent AI. The impact of these super-intelligent AI will be Biblical in proportion. So much so, that Jesus says unless He returns and intervenes, no flesh would be saved.