Day Of Thanks



As We All Hunker Down To Eats 

Our Fatty Gourd’s And Tasty Beets 

Horace Reminds You To Give Thanks 

Unto His Mighty Snowey Banks 

And Giant Mauscled Big Fat Meats 

Down To His Little Piggy Feets 

We Do Not Jast Give Thanks To Boar 

We Also Thank To Many More 

We Thank The Tapir For His Sands 

We Thank The Monkey’s Fruited Hands 

We Thank The Old Ones For Their Call 

We Thank Each One, We Thank Them All 

The Old Ones Sing Their Song To Us 

And Look Uppon Us With Disgust 

And I Have Seen It In The Sky 

Our Eldritch Doom Will Soon Be Nigh 

As We Wait For Our Cosmic End 

Let Us Enjoy Some Veggie Blend