Sexism doesn’t exist in comics



in case you don’t know, Gail Simone wrote Deadpool

in fact she relaunched Deadpool

I just want to say, I think people are making a bigger deal of this than they should, to be honest.

It’s not that he didn’t recognize me (why would he?) and it’s not that I thought he was ‘sexist.’  It was just a guy excited about Deadpool and he started telling the closest person in line.

I said a bunch of times after posting this tweet that I didn’t think he was being sexist, it just seemed kind of funny. I live in a tiny small town, there’s no reason for him to think someone who wrote Deadpool was in line with him. 

AND the few times I’ve told a guy who talked about the movie that I used to write the character, they were universally very positive and excited about it. Not one bad experience. 

So, while it would be nice if people didn’t just ASSUME that a woman wouldn’t know who Deadpool was, I didn’t ever think it was this big deal, I just thought it was kind of funny that the ONE person he chose to explain Deadpool that day is actually given a shout-out in the movie. That struck me as kind of amusing.

He wasn’t being a dick, he just was excited about Deadpool, and assumed I wouldn’t know who Wade Wilson was. Not a big deal at all.