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So originally I was going to reblog this post by @tolerant-bunny. But then I realized my addition was going to be incredibly long.

To summarize the post, they found pedophili/c content on certain tumblr blogs and asked everyone to block and report the blogs featured. Please look at that post.

Upon investigating I found that this problem is a lot worse and extends past the problems we typically have with M/APs on tumblr. We have people distributing what I believe to be suggestive and pornographic images of children as well as people creating networks to distribute these types of images on encrypted messaging services.

In this post I will be censoring words like pedophil/e, M/AP, and (usernam/e) as to not alert the people who are the publishers and distributors of these types of content. It will not be tagged with any related terms for the same reason. So please it is important you reblog this if you can, as that is the only way this information will spread.

While I have reported all of the blogs featured in this post, please also report them and any other instances you see. Report an incident to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children or call 1-800-843-5678. If you or anyone you know is in immediate danger please call 911 or your country’s emergency service line.

If you haven’t figured it out already then I want you to know:


So originally I wanted to see if any of the blogs featured in @tolerant-bunny‘s post were still active. Most of them were not, but I saw that the blogs sickntwiztedper/v, dirtymommytob/e, daddyiesdic/k, foultime/s, among others still were. 

I saw that a lot of what they do are reblog posts aimed to connect pedophiles, talk about taboo and no limits, and share/trade content through dropbox, kik, and wickr. Some blogs contained illustrations of children engaging in sex acts (ranging between extreme anime loli, semi-realistic illustrations, and semi-realistic and realistic 3D images and videos) and other featured pornographic and/or suspicious images of real children.

The first posts I saw were about finding other pedophiles on tumblr, dropbox, kik, and wickr. People commenting on these posts described suspicious practices that wouldn’t be necessary if they were trading legal pornography of consenting adults. People stressed not sending images directly, only through links. They were also adamant about people having to send before being able to receive content (a popular tactic in pedophil/e rings to weed out cops and non-pedophile/s). 

When looking through the notes I saw that some disturbing comments:


I saw a few repeated responses over several posts, which I though “Okay, maybe this is just a case of really fucked up spam bots,” but upon going onto their blog they either (a) do not post, which is counterproductive for a bot which would have been made to direct traffic to a certain page or (b) they posted non-spam posts. This leads me to think that the repeated responses are them basically promoting themselves or trying to enter a network.

I also had a thought: “What if these people are just really edgy kinksters?” And thankfully some of the blogs fell under this category. Some people liked to be degraded with the term pedophile or were adults who were into dd/lg who just pushed it way too far and are probably making it very difficult for people trying to catch real perpetrators. Unfortunately, these were in the minority.  

One dude that stood out was iwillfuckbellaspussyverysoo/n. He is a man who has a 17 year old step daughter who he’s wanted to rape since she was 7 and blogs about it. He posts images of her as well as another girl who seems to be between 4-7 with sexual captions, none of them explicit and with their faces always blurred or cropped out, he also censors all identifiable information of his home.


Then I started going through other posts with titles like “What do you want to see?” or “What ages do you like?” and began seeing responses like this:


Going through blogs I started to find other posts and blogs that featured sexual remarks about children:


And even one soliciting children:


And another (among many) soliciting parents:


Outright asking for people to help them with their collection:


I also found common terminology. Although pizzagat/e was a controversy that many people believe was a hoax, I have clearly seen the use of cheese pizza to allude to this type of content through people using pizza in their headers, URLs, and descriptions while their blog exclusively featured scantily clad children. They also use dd/lg terminology and motifs, possibly to confuse people despite the fact the images they share are clearly of children. They refer to children as littles, lils, or little ones. They also use the phrase yn/g or yun/g, and many blogs refer to their interests as tabo/o or no limit/s. When and if they tag their content these words are often what they use. They also use these symbols on their blogs.

And then I found the people who were distributing images of naked children, children in revealing clothing, children in lingerie, children in suspicious positions, children with what could be semen on them, and children participating in sex acts. None of that will be featured. Here are their blogs:

  • i-got-fish-hooke/d
  • sublimestudentslamechichizz3/3
  • daddyiesdic/k
  • ultrahornychickpe/a
  • sugar-sweet-feet/s
  • ilikeemjun/g
  • janice-2/6
  • herbiesbac/k
  • lilmisshotti/e
  • fullnickelhoundknigh/t
  • trogdolite/z
  • zarneka/u
  • tipyboy2/2
  • damnedintexas/3
  • toby50tob/y
  • orlow-obsesse/d
  • shunyu5/6
  • yesalmalke-blog-blog
  • creepavelli42/0
  • love-all-females201/8
  • frankdiasc/r
  • carolka/y
  • nylonloverfee/t
  • jayzogsblo/g
  • mynieceismyfantas/y
  • erect4little/s
  • demonditt/o
  • mom4yunggirl/s
  • allformay/a
  • pedogoone/r
  • jbristowsd/6
  • littlegirlloversocut/e
  • unclechester/3
  • pixieplay17/7
  • trouble-in-the-maki/n
  • trouble-n-da-maki/n
  • whateverisfun202/0
  • bbwwy/f
  • justanotherpervasslicke/r
  • dopenutpolic/e
  • darkdeziresxx/x
  • lolitaloverbigddadd/y
  • dad69lover6/9
  • pbailey866/5
  • letsrapeherhar/d
  • singlemomofyoun/g
  • stickywizardpizz/a
  • twistedfacet/s
  • whichsid/e
  • yumyums/2
  • daddyforher89/0
  • tramprikkileig/h
  • bbcinwif/e
  • karizmatiks3/5
  • pearlo4/0
  • yng-girl-lu/v
  • tater218/4
  • 1971salvat/o
  • zhangbbn/b
  • anarkyrio/t
  • delightfullittleladiescollecto/r
  • dirtyoldncdadd/y
  • pizzacp/2
  • younglivivin/g
  • maedchenbegehre/r
  • devotedlystrangestudentsworl/d
  • vote-4-pedo-bear202/0
  • feelsgood199/8
  • southwestuksall/y
  • imgkim5/5
  • pervertedmalecockworshi/p
  • bippityboppityb0/0
  • bigdadwolf78/9
  • barra1234567/8
  • rexxx7/8
  • love-nude-8-16girl/s
  • lpmpest1/1
  • perverton/e
  • jasonxxx4/u
  • xjoha/i
  • preteenbellie/s
  • lewdalex/x
  • p-u-e-r-c-/o
  • mostlycloth3/d
  • sickperv61/5
  • enjoythelittlethingsxx/x
  • yesalmalke-blog-blo/g
  • mylars200/0
  • positivenrgy1/8
  • greg9/0
  • strangecookieneckpalac/e
  • speedymusiciansofcelebritie/s
  • zarneka/u
  • doodfosh/o
  • boyfeetexcellenc/e
  • fritz60worl/d
  • shannon14bo/y
  • jiggyw/i
  • megajosearmando1/2
  • mishary5/4
  • boys-models-studios-posts-blo/g
  • dawkul/a
  • denverlikeboy/s
  • boyworshipspai/n
  • boyeddmar/t
  • teenage-tornad/o
  • dannyvh-/4
  • fxckbentley/9
  • iloveyoungboyscu/m
  • daddy420forsissie/s
  • delightfulcollectionbitc/h
  • instantlampsludgebailif/f
  • nworegon197/2
  • blacklightesworl/d
  • daddiescrim/e
  • traumatizant/i
  • cutenprettylu/v
  • daddywithissues-/7

The saddest part is that I could continue to amass tons and tons more URLs. There’s thousands, if not in the hundreds of thousands, of people spreading this type of content. 

Please do not message them. Don’t tag them. Don’t interact with them.

Report an incident to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children or call 1-800-843-5678. You’re not the authorities and your anti- blog isn’t going to stop them. Getting them arrested will.

Reporting to tumblr is alright I guess, but the NCMEC is much better. Many of these people remake or pop up on other websites. They talk about doing so on their blogs. The best way to stop them is to report them to the authorities. Reporting them to tumblr is a bandaid. Someone was reported to NCMEC and is now on a watchlist, imagine what would happen to people doing at lot worse on this website. 

These are real children. Children whose parents might be taking explicit pictures of them and spreading them. Children who have been trafficked and forced into doing photoshoots. Children who have been groomed by digital strangers to take pictures of themselves. Children whose selfies and innocent pictures are being used to satisfy the sexual perversions of disgusting people. Children who need our help. Distributing or viewing of child pornography is not a victimless crime. There’s real lives and real suffering behind these images.

Please don’t just ignore these disgusting people. Report them. I will even make it easier for you. Message me and I’ll send you a list without the slashes and the full domains so you can just copy and paste them when reporting to the NCMEC.

Thank you so much.

Here is a pastebin with URLs, which will be updated as time goes on!

@takashi0 @libertarirynn @celticpyro @tenaflyviper

I think this is needs to have more than 2K notes.

Checked out some the blogs listed and wiped my browsing history because they are that awful. Can’t stand to look at any more of them.

Hell yes it needs more notes. This shit should be shouted from the rooftops and these people should be locked in the darkest hole we can fine.

I have a better idea