Hello, my question is this, being aware of th…

Hello, my question is this, being aware of the 5G grid threat, I've also heard his side of the story where you can collect data in ways that we can use for creating societies that are much more eco-friendly along w new eco technologies as well as old ones being brought out. With that, Clearly the people who are in charge at the moment will not allow that to happen. So with America, basically being destroyed. Or in appearance, how does all of this tie in with the great awakening and shift


Yes that is right in regards to 5G/smart grid/IOT/sustainable development. But it is deeper than that. We are heading towards complete posthumanism, the beast system.

I am Bible believing Christian so the idea of great awakening/shift might be different to what you are maybe referring. Knowledge (great awakening) shall increase: Daniel 12:4Jeremiah 5:24James 5:7Proverbs 2:1-6Hosea 4:6Proverbs 4:7.

I believe we are approaching the completion of NWO. NWO is the Antichrist beast system, spiritual warfare against humanity. This is the great deception.