The Curious Case of David Hogg

As recently as Aug 16, 2017 David Hogg is in LA and vlogging about it. His fairly aimless vlog dates as far back as 8 months ago (also filmed on location in Southern California).

However, quite abruptly, after 5 vlog entries to his Youtube channel all dating back to approximately the 6 month mark, his vlog suddenly picks back up on Jan 8th, 2018 after an unexplained hiatus, and now the subjects of his vlog are the other politically vocal, nationally visible, rabid anti-gun Parkland, FL high school students featured on CNN and etc.

The following YouTube video was supposedly taken by David Hogg during the LIVE shooter situation – he interviews fellow classmates and really pushes an anti-gun message. He seems to have the intention from the start to capitalize off the publicity of the shooting or oddly enough be expecting publicity as if he is in possession of information not available to others.

1. “Hoggs’ Original Edited Version” = LA Times Version (…)
This version is higher quality and has parts edited out that the others
include. It includes David Hogg speaking to the camera, an interview
with Isabelle Robinson and an interview with an unnamed individual
(“Alex View”). It ends with Hogg leaving the school and being

2. “We Need Diversity” Extended Clip Version = (…)
This clip taken from a Twitter post shows extra “between take” footage
not included in the “original version” and has an audio section
amplified which reveals Hogg whispering “come on” and “we need
diversity”, seemingly trying to get other students to speak – this is
where “Alex View” begins speaking off-camera.

3. Time Stamp Comment Version (…) Includes a time stamp reference from Hogg claiming the time is 9:32 before he gets permission to interview “Alex View”.

Here is a timeline of the shooting for reference;…

David Hogg states that at the time of the interview with A.V, the time is 9:32.
David Hogg states that at 3:13pm they have been informed that the gunman
is allegedly Nicholas Cruz and they believe he has been “neutralized”.

Officially, Cruz arrived at the school @ 2:19pm
Officially, Cruz is still at large @ 3:15pm
Officially, Cruz is arrested @ 3:41pm

Also, his father is retired FBI.