Illuminati Terrorizes Steve Harvey Onstage

“Very few people know the power of Illuminati. When an organization like Illuminati openly states that they run the world, they do, from the inside out. The fact that they speak for every citizen means that they have.ire than one soul in the human body, which is hard for some people to understand… Illuminati created the whole concept of Hollywood to cover their crimes. Illuminati speaks for all celebrities, including Oprah! When Oprah’s representative speaks for her Oprah has no idea what will be said. Illuminati allows Oprah Winfrey to hear some output, but she does not know another soul actually speaks for her throughout her life, even onstage. So, if Oprah misreads a passage or mispronounces a word, it is Illuminati playing a game,” Anonymous Illuminati states.

Anonymous Illuminati continues, “ When Illuminati had Steve Harvey read the wrong name for the Miss America Pageant, they did that in the name of fun. Illuminati speaks for Steve Harvey, too. And has been talking for Harvey his entire life, which is criminal. Illuminati has more than one soul packed into the human body.”