Illuminati Terrorizes Three UCLA Basketball Players


USA Today reports that three professional basketball players were arrested in China for allegedly stealing a pair of designer eye glasses. What does this have to do with Illuminati and the lives of three young men? Everything! Illuminati violates their bodies.

“Here are a few examples in how much power Illuminati has on the human body and mind. The three young men who are from the United States are all controlled by Illuminati. Illuminati decides their fate, even during their games. They tell them how to stand and/or run while on the court, in addition to hold or throw the basketball. With this understanding, Illuminati members who operate their bodies directed them to their fate in China. Illuminati controls their voice and their conversations their entire life. What took place in China with the sunglasses was orchestrated by Illuminati members, what Illuminati nembers decided to publically humilate the young men and to stir up a media freenzy,” Juan Carlos, Paranormal Expert says.

“Why is Illuminati, a notorious terrorist organization in China harassing United States citizens? Why is Illuminati terrorizing citizens in the US and abroad?” asks Paranormal Expert, Milagros Mendez. “Citizens do not know that Illuminati has more than one soul in the human body and that citens do not speak for themselves. When Oprah Winfrey interviews an individual on television, it is another soul or individual that speaks for her. Winfrey has no idea what she is going to say, even though she can hear Illuminati talking directly into her head.”

“When Oprah Winfrey or any other actor is on a production set, they are unaware that Illuminati controls their body in its totality,” continues Milagros Mendez Hate Crime Expert. “Illuminati also alters the form of Winfrey’s body, which she cannot see because Illuminati has her eye shut. They alter the form of all citizens throughout their live. This includes the three basketball players fro UCLA. Their physical form is altered while they are playing basketball for UCLA.”

“Illuminati members have access to supernatural powers and keep up controversary to keep governments from investigating their crimes. Illuminati controls every human body, that includes judges and politicians in every country,” an Anonymous Illuminati victim says.

“Illuminati should just change their system since many citizens know who they are and are aware that they operate the human body. Anytime Illuminati can speak for the President of the United States without him knowing it when other people are fully aware that Donald Trump does not speak nor think for himself is pretty powerful,” Anonymous Illuminati continues.

USA Today reports:

“This we do know: three UCLA players have been arrested, and ESPN has reported that one of the players is LiAngelo Ball, son of LaVar and younger brother of Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo. The others are Cody Riley and Jalen Hill. All three are freshmen. They have been released on bail, according to ESPN citing a person with firsthand knowledge, but apparently cannot leave their hotel. UCLA coach Steve Alford has said they will not play in the game.”

“What athletes do not know is that Illuminati alters their physical form while playing sports,” Juan Carlos continues.

“There is no free will. Illuminati packs more than one soul into the human body. Different souls gave different responsibilities, in regards to operating the human body. No human being speaks for himself. The voice they here is another soul in their body which can talk in any voice. Ask any Illuminati victim,” Juan Carlos continues.

“Illuminati controls the hunan body. This includes all body movement. When a violinist performs on stage it means that Illuminati decides how the artist moves his arms and how he breathes. The same goes with athletes, Illuminati members play sports for all athletes. They control the Olympics and decides who wins,” Juan Carlos continues.

The three UCLA basketball players,
LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill, who are in China are victims of one of the biggest hate crimes in the history of man.

“If Illuminati members gave the three freshmen on the UCLA men’s basketball team accused of shoplifting in the Chinese city of Hangzhou access to their bodies, they would never be framed for taking any object. What people know about the human body is that it has superman powers. Illuminati pulls rats out of the three players rectum, eyes and ears whenever they want. The human eye is stronger than any man-made microscope, so know one who has access to their body needs any eyeglasses,” Juan Carlo continues.

“The questions is since Illuminati enjoys shape shifting and altering forms, What animal or creature were they holding in the Versace boutique in China that they saw as sunglasses? Furthermore, what will the judge be holding when they appear in the Chinese court and why will Illuminati be there?,” Juan Carlos asks.