“#Illuminati Framed Pablo Escobar. All men are controlled by…

“#Illuminati Framed Pablo Escobar. All men are controlled by Illuminati. They used the mind, body and soul of Pablo Escobar to make citizens believe that there was free will. Pablo Escobar was a victim of Illuminati. Everyone connected to Escobar was/is a victim, says Anonymous Illuminati.

“No man speaks for himself. Pablo Escobar and any other man involved in drugs is being used by Illuminati. Illuminati possesses every human body like a robot. The human body is robotic and controlled by Illuminati, unknown to man.,” continues Anonymous Illuminati.

“Like Emmett Till, Illuminati spoke for Pablo Escobar and everyone who he came in contact with. The spirits that possessed Pablo Escobar bodies were Illuminati. They decided what moves he would make on a daily basis. His entire life was scripted by Illuminati members who control the world. Illuminati utilizes people to cover their criminal activities. What they never told Pablo Escobar is that he possessed supernatural powers. Illuminati does not want any man to use their mind, body or soul. Pablo Escobar like every other citizen has no access or control of his body. Any man convicted of any crime is innocent. All crimes are committed by Illuminati using the bodies of human beings,” states Anonymous Illuminati.

“Every human body is possessed by an illuminated spirit that controls the human body. This is one of the hidden secrets kept from man,” says Anonymous Illuminati. “Illuminati has the eye of men on low where they cannot see what is taking place on this earthly plane.”